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Babel React Koa - Hot Universal Boilerplate

Breko Hub

Breko-hub is a Github repository helping anyone create new JavaScript applications. Giving you a technically sound and tested starting point for your application.



  • Enables building universal SPAs
  • A modern redux architecture
  • Hot reloading of CSS-modules
  • Fast server side live updates
  • 99% ES Next code-base
  • Hot reloading unit tests
  • Run unit tests in a browser for debugging
  • A comprehensive functional and unit test suite
  • A lucid code-base
  • A helpful console output
  • Debugging tools

Quick Start

Use the following commands to start your new app using breko-hub.

git clone [email protected]:tomatau/breko-hub.git <directory-name>
cd <directory-name>
npm i
mv example.env .env
npm start

With the default .env file, this starts your application in development mode. A configuration for running the debugger with a colourful console output for debugging.

Open a browser window at localhost:9001.


A blog documenting techniques used in Breko-hub. The blog used Breko-hub as a starting point.


Breko hub uses the following libraries at its core:

Build tools
  • koa - A lightweight server framework.
  • koa-router - Router middleware for koa.
  • - A node engine for WebSocket communication.
  • - An adapter for sharing redux actions over WebSockets.
Universal Application
  • lodash - A popular modular utility library.
  • ramda - A modular utility library focused on functional programming.
  • SCSS - A popular CSS preprocessor.
  • PostCSS - CSS transformations with JavaScript.
  • css-modules - A build step for modular, local scoped CSS management.



npm start [-- --open]

Builds and serves app with hot reloading and debugging support.

Build client-side app

npm run build

Creates bundles and assets into ./src/static directory. Reads .env but uses production Webpack configuration.

Start the server

Set the NODE_ENV flag to production in your .env file.

npm start

Expects bundles and assets to exist in the ./src/static directory. Runs the server in production mode.

Run unit and function tests

npm test

Unit test development server

npm run test:server

Start a test server using Mocha and Webpack-middleware. Provides a browser based testing environment. Loading tests from within ./src where extension is .test.js.

Unit test single run

npm run test:unit

Runs the test suite in a node environment through mocha, once.

Functional/integration tests run

npm run test:func

Runs functional tests inside ./test/functional directory.


npm run lint
npm run lint:styles

Reads .eslintrc and sass-lint.yml for linting configurations.


npm run coverage
npm run coverage:check for threshold configurations. Generates a report and `coverage:check` returns false when thresholds are not met.

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