Babel React Koa - Hot Universal Boilerplate


Breko Hub

Breko-hub is a Github repository helping anyone create new JavaScript applications. Giving you a technically sound and tested starting point for your application.

The name

The name Breko-hub is an portmanteau made from the 3 core technologies used in Breko-hub and a 3 word summary of its purpose. The three technologies are Babel, React and Koa. The purpose of Breko-hub is a hot-reloading universal-boilerplate.

Redux associates itself with the "re" part of Breko-hub. But, yet, Redux is not as essential for building more simple applications and didn't make the cut for the name.


One of the prominent features of Breko-hub is the attention to detail. Every aspect of the code-base contributes towards the developer experience.

Core features:

  • Enables building universal SPAs
  • A modern redux architecture
  • Hot reloading of CSS-modules
  • Fast server side live updates
  • 99% ES Next code-base
  • Hot reloading unit tests
  • Run unit tests in a browser for debugging
  • A comprehensive functional and unit test suite
  • A lucid code-base
  • A helpful console output
  • Debugging tools


A blog documenting techniques used in Breko-hub. The blog used Breko-hub as a starting point.

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